-We don't have photos of this candle in every color available yet so please check the photos of the first NUDE to pick your prefered color! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hand poured eco soy wax lady shaped candle.

Perfect as a decorative piece in your living, bath or bedroom.

Also makes a lovely gift!

Combine with our other candles / colors to create a nice little still life.


Height: 10cm

The candles are handmade with a lot of love and care in The Netherlands with high quality soy wax produced in Europe. Please allow for some difference in color, minor imperfections and frosting. Frosting is a natural occurrence with quality soy wax candles and does not affect the performance of the candle.


When you burn me, please put me on a plate or it will get messy!

-Soy produced in Europe according to EU standards.
-Formulated from materials whose refining history is fully traceable.
-Contains no substances that come into contact with animals or GMO products at any stage of its production.
-Contains no residual solvents according to guidelines CPMP / ICH283 / 95.
-Has not been tested on animals
-The Palm Wax (Palm Stearine) in this product comes from 100% sustainable sources, is certified and environmentally friendly.

Did you know that there are no 100% Soy Wax products for candles. They always contain other additives and waxes to improve appearance and allow good combustion. It is not possible to burn a 100% Soy wax candle properly!

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